Casey's heart explodes with design and creativity.


When she was wee she tie-dyed paper and made her own "magazines." She hoarded paint swatches during trips to home improvement stores with her dad so she could line them up in different compositions and stare at them, mystified, until she passed out. She compiled and arranged a catalog of gifts that she was to receive for her 8th birthday, after she had snooped around prematurely to discover what they were. It was an exciting day. Creative expression has been a fundamental piece of who she is since she was born.


In 2002 Casey graduated from The Art Center Design College (now known as Southwest University of Visual Arts) with an Associates degree in Advertising Art. She worked in the print and advertising industry for 7 years where she perfected her skills in layout, design and collaboration. In 2011 she added a web designer certification to her resume. She has done, and is available for, freelance projects in web design to help satisfy her passion for creative expression.


Casey currently lives on the western edge of the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona. As inspiring as those 100 year old cacti can be, that somehow, grow 50 feet tall straight out of the scorched and otherwise barren earth, she is open to a change of scenery.


Casey also loves cats, appetizers, scarves and Starbucks.

Casey Chafouleas •  • Tucson, AZ • 2014